David Johnson

Eddie is very insightful and relevant coaching with layers of questions that create movement to solutions. His analogies and line of questions are smart and well timed and sequence. He is not vague and every time I have been coached he has had an impact worth acting on. He is exceptional as a coach for those wanting momentum for good change or identifying a road map for success. And he’s super cool and hilarious at the right times.

Founder of Evergreen Physical Therapy, Pasadena, CA
Jason Yee

You’re looking for a ninja to reorganize your mind to explode your business success? Edward is your guy. He’s particularly attuned to your needs as a human, and how that fuels your business results. Highly recommended.

CEO of GrantMe and Train2.0, Vancouver, BC
Ksenia Azanova

Throughout the time we have worked together, I have gone from 2 clients, making $0 two months back-to-back, to having 15 clients, $11,000 in generated work and the next month booked out. There are COUNTLESS things that Eddie has taught me about running a business and being an entrepreneur. I can 100% say that where I am now in my business would not have been possible without our weekly calls and Eddie’s guidance.

Founder of kesvn studio, Vancouver BC
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